Advanced Bid Evaluation Committee

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An in-depth review of procedures and processes relevant to a Bid Committee member.


November 6, 2019


Closing Date for registrations:

30 October 2019

Course Venue:

Cape Town.


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R 4450 excluding VAT

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Course Objectives

An in-depth review of procedures and processes relevant to a Bid Committee member.


6 November 2019 Cape Town

Workshop participants will also receive pre-formatted Bid Evaluation Committee (BEC) spreadsheets that will assist in the efficient and effective completion of the evaluation process.

The workshop will draw on the practical experience of the facilitators; reference local court cases; and internationally accepted practices by other public sectors. This will all be done in the context of the legislative framework within which PFMA, MFMA and FMPLA entities operate.

You will learn

  • Evaluating pre-qualification criteria. Dealing with challenging affidavits and SANAS certificates. Consider the mandate of the B-BBEE Commission as well as some of the principles of materiality. Materiality: Understand the principles to be applied in deciding a material non-compliance. The workshop will use the principles developed by the Constitutional Court. Understanding the principals and practices underlying “evaluate independently” and what to do when the BEC decides that scores may need to be changed What are the accepted practices when dealing with abnormally low bids (when the price of a bid is abnormally low)? What steps to take and other considerations to consider when the proposal validity date is about to expire? Considering “market-related pricing”. What are some of the considerations when the BSC did, or did not, assess the market? Considering Objective Criteria (in terms of section 2(1)(f) of the PPPFA). The workshop will consider examples of Objective Criteria that the courts have used in the past 17 years when dealing with section 2(1)(f) and the implications for BEC members.

Who should attend

  • All PFMA, MFMA and FMPLA institutions Members of Bid Evaluation Committees, particularly BEC chairpersons, SCM managers and SCM practitioners. It is important that participants are familiar with the basic roles and responsibilities of Bid Committees as this will not be covered in the workshop.