Leadership Development for Procurement and Supply Chain Managers

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You manage things; you lead people
- Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper


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Centurion Country Club, Centurion


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You manage things; you lead people
- Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper

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This one-day leadership development workshop will assist you in recognising and dealing with the daily challenges that leaders face.

Join us as we identify the “enemies of successful leadership” in the supply chain context and unpack and the lay the foundations of achieving success in this vital role.

You will learn

  • The workshop is designed around dealing with the three biggest challenges supply chain leaders face, and which prevent you and your staff from performing optimally and maintaining a healthy work-life balance., The Enemy Inside: The enemy rests within you. This is a grave reality., Staff Engagement: It is the buzz word in every HR article and research today. Most international research houses agree that only around 60% of the global workforce is engaged. In 2014, for South Africa, this number was estimated at around 50%. That means half our workforce is coming to work to earn a pay-check. The other half displays some interest in doing their job. Sounds familiar? Which half is on your side?, Friendly Fire: An enemy you face every day. It is dangerous and challenging because it is cleverly disguised as your friend. In this workshop we will discuss how you can turn this enemy into the friend it can and should be.,

Who should attend

  • Project Managers, Procurement and Supply Chain Managers, Chief Procurement Officers, Supplier Relationship Managers, Team Leaders, Cross-functional team members, Commercial Specialists, Contract Managers, Sourcing Managers, Buyers (Junior to Senior)

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