Selling the Procurement Business Case

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Learn how to "sell" the SOLUTIONS needed to meet your procurement objectives. How do we get the decision makers to agree to the savings that we have actually achieved?


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Course Objectives

Learn how to "sell" the SOLUTIONS needed to meet your procurement objectives. How do we get the decision makers to agree to the savings that we have actually achieved?

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Change the business communities’ biased vision of your procurement solutions by (1) helping them understand the procurement function’s capability to influence company profit and (2) focusing the procurement function on where the value lies.

Generate more interest in procurement-related solutions.

This course develops your ability to identify sources of power when selling solutions to end users, quantify and qualify solution benefits and develop a business case framework. Well practiced and you will soon gain access to decision-making authority or influence.

You will learn

  • Identify and diagnose critical business issues - especially as they pertain to procurement’s role., Create a desire for a solution that will address business and procurement issues., Create a compelling value proposition: qualify solution benefits; develop a business case framework and use Total Cost of Ownership methods to quantify benefits., Achieve more influence and identify opportunities to be more effective and efficient., Analyse stakeholders in the procurement function and their attitudes to change: BEE supplier manager; Codifier / Materials Master; Supplier Manager and Analyst., Categorise trading partners to determine which procurement strategies can apply and identify which type of trading partner your company is., Differentiate your company from its competition through how you sell in addition to what you sell., Develop a vision for your solution at the client., Change a customer’s biased vision of your competitor’s solution., Generate more interest in a company’s related offerings.

Who should attend

  • Procurement and Supply Chain Managers, Cross-functional teams leaders/members, Supply Chain Analysts, Sourcing Managers, Team Leaders, Supplier Relationship Managers, Senior Buyers, Commercial Specialist, Commodity Managers, Category Managers


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