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Business Process Analyst

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Guide businesses to and through process optimisation opportunities.


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Course Objectives

Guide businesses to and through process optimisation opportunities.

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The shift from a traditional functional focus to process focus has changed the way we have to approach optimisation in any organisation. Business Analysts have to provide, to a large extent, the necessary guidance to a business in where opportunities for process optimisation lie.

This workshop will include tools and techniques for process analysis developed by consultants over many years. By understanding the tools available, the obstacles in an analyst’s job and the outcomes that can be expected from the analyst, one can stay ahead of the pressure that is part and parcel of being a business analyst.

You will learn

  • Understanding the environment in which a business analyst works., Providing you with the tools to analyse business processes., How to look for and gather the right information for analysis., Different methods of problem solving., How to eliminate waste., Providing a practical experience of using these tools., Job descriptions for business analysts: what the market and companies perceive a business analyst should be and do., Process thinking and mapping: workflows in your organisation; translating workflows into system requirements; and helping business customers agree on the process., Research and data collection., Problem solving tools: where these different techniques are applicable and where they are used in your organisation., Process clean-up, Practical session where delegates will receive case information and solve problems by mapping and cleaning up the process.

Who should attend

  • You are new to or want to enter a career as a business analyst., You do not know what is expected of you as a business analyst., You are responsible for business process analysis and optimisation and you want to brush-up on your skills., You want to understand how consultants think and arrive at their conclusions.


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