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Managing Conflict within the Supply Chain

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Help yourself and others to settle differences, work constructively and collaborate as individuals and groups with a common purpose.


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Course Objectives

Help yourself and others to settle differences, work constructively and collaborate as individuals and groups with a common purpose.

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Often overlooked inter-personal differences are a key driver to poor supply chain performance. This practical approach to conflict resolution will assist you is setting the pace and mode for a collaborative and constructive working environment.

The course initially expounds the standard way of dealing with conflict and then moves on to new material dealing with 'effective influence' or becoming more effective at influencing others specifically when resolving conflict.

You will learn

  • Understand the causes of conflict and where conflict originates., Understand the nature of conflict; its source and the consequences that prevail., Discuss current or traditional trends of how conflict is usually handled within organisations; from a structural / procedural point of view. Assess the extent to which this standard framework is acceptable to resolving conflict in the supply chain., Get to grips with requirements for effectively dealing with and resolving conflict., Identify the main areas of conflict and specific conflicts affecting your organisation and the negative impact they impose., Identify the conflicts that creep into the procurement environment and processes often sabotaging purchasing agreements., Learn how to apply an effective step-by-step approach in resolving conflict situations; including how to effectively influence others especially while dealing with and resolving conflict., Develop an effective 'Conflict Resolution Strategy' for overcoming specific conflict in your organisation. This structured approach will assist you in planning and applying preventative measures to secure your operations effectiveness; processes and efficiencies.

Who should attend

  • Not intended for individuals who already have extensive experience and knowledge in conflict resolution. It will benefit those who are held captive in their personal capacity or who facilitate leading and managerial roles., Project Managers, Procurement and Supply Chain Managers, Chief Procurement Officers, Supplier Relationship Managers, Team Leaders, Cross-functional team members, Commercial Specialists, Contract Managers, Sourcing Manager, Buyers (Junior to Senior)


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